Webhound Graphics Affiliate Programme

Webhound Graphics Affiliate Programme

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Register as an affiliate by applying on this page. It’s free.


Link to our website using your referral URL from any of your channels, websites, and/or social media accounts.

Get Paid

Every time you refer somebody to our site and they purchase one of our graphics you get a cut of the sale

Earn 15% Per Sale

Get 15% of every sale you bring in through your referral link. Our most popular package sells for £35.00 – you earn £5.25 every time someone buys that.

60 Day Cookies

Your referral tracking cookie will last for 60 days. Meaning if someone clicks on your link and doesn’t buy something from us until 59 days later, you still get the commission.

No Payout Minimum

It’s your hard earned money – ask for it whenever you want it.